Season Calendar

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, dancers have an agenda of their own. They follow a more scholastic type calendar in which their season begins in the fall. Fall auditions for a dance team are the most cut throat due to the season of dance as a whole coming to a start. Many community teams come from college campuses so it only makes sense to start at the same time school starts. many auditions happen in August and September and some in October for those quarter system schools like many of the Universities of California.

The first major competitions start around November which give the teams about a month to 2 to come up with a 5-6 minute routine to awe the audience. A team usually recycles the same set for 2-3 more competitions and then immediately jumps into their next set. A break is usually taken during the holidays but the teams automatically resume for winter auditions which usually take place in the first 3 months of the Gregorian year. After that the teams compete until June where the super bowl of all competitions takes place, Body Rock. Seasons usually end after Body Rock and don’t usually jump back into the game until fall auditions. Some go the extra mile and continue to strive for greatness and compete at Hip Hop International (HHI) , which is at the beginning of August. After HHI is when the real break begins and everyone has officially 1-3 weeks of rest until the dance season begins all over again.


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