What is a dancer?

It does not take much to be a dancer, anyone can start at any given time. Some of the most talented dancers in the industry started in their teens, so this stigma of all amazing dancers starting from birth proves to be false. It all depends on the drive of the individual and how they choose to train from the moment they decide to embark on their journey of dance. So the question is, where does one start? The answer is really simple actually, it starts with movement. Any movement in general, whether it be imitating the dances one sees online or merely just creating your own movement, as long as there is music present.

Aside from training on your own, the more popular way to train in dance is by taking class. Classes typically last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours. The teacher or choreographer teaches their routine through this period and and the end they run it at full performance or full out as most dancers like to call it. At the very end the choreographer selects a number of dancers to do it once last time for they are the star students known as the select group. Select groups are usually chosen for adding a little extra to the dance and executing the dance to its fullest potential, also known as “killing it”.

Classes can be very expensive as they range from $12-$25+, so one wants to take 2-3 classes a week it can be very pricey. Some dancers choose to do the team route where they audition for a team and join a family in essence. Dance teams usually go off a due basis, where instead of paying every practice there is a fee at the end of the month to cover studio cost and other miscellaneous charges like costumes and competition fees. Teams meet 2-3 times a week and practice for 3-4 hours per practice. Teams practice for various competitions where the end goal is 1st place.



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