Youth vs. Adult


Not many realize but the divide between the youth division and the adult division is pretty different. Being on a youth team means being mothered till the break of dawn. You are told what to do and what you need work on, it’s a lot like the difference between college and high school. Not many realize but being on a youth team is such a blessing. Many find their first families while being on a youth team. They get their first set of training while making their first set of friends.

Youth teams meet as regularly as adult teams, they pretty much act as adult teams except with a bit more lenience. Casting, or being put into a piece, is almost guaranteed. This doesn’t mean you will be put front and center, but it means that more often than not you will at least be in the opener or closer. When being on an adult team, nothing is guaranteed, you have to fight for your spot, because more often than not it can be taken by the person next to you. Youth teams are usually directed by someone on their parent team, which competes in the adult division. Youth teams typically do not have competitions specifically geared towards them, their competitions are usually the same as the adult competitions except with the word “jrs” attached to it i.e Body Rock Jrs, Vibe Jrs, Bridge Jrs, etc. One of the only exclusive youth competitions was K-12 which was hosted by Choreo Cookies which is a San Diego dance team that was led by Mari and Keone Madrid. Youth teams typically have hell weeks geared around their schedules, usually consisting of long practices during the day ending around 8pm or 10 at latest,  opposed to adult teams that can go on until 4 in the morning for a week straight. Joining a youth team is an essential part of being a dancer because it teaches the discipline one will have for the  rest of their dance career.


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