Milo McManus

Born and raised in San Jose Milo McManus took his first dance class on accident by attending his brothers rehearsal at the age of 12 in flip flops learning to DMX’s “Party Up” Slowly after taking his first class he fell in love with hip hop dance and joined Future Shock, and competed at Hip Hop International in Vegas. He continued dancing in the Bay Area joining teams like Culture Shock Oakland from the age of 12 – 16 and was part of the first class of Funk Beyond Control (FBC) from the age of 16 -18. Shortly after ending high school McManus moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dancing career where he was contracted by Bloc Talent Agency in 2007.

While living in Los Angeles McManus became a dance teacher at Studio B and Shooting stars. After 2 years of living in Los Angeles, Mcmanus made the move back to his home town in the Bay Area and has lived here ever since. His credits include dancing for and iCarly commercial, Crazy – Eva, The Company and his own project by the name of Final Product which was lead along side his good friend Julio Morales.

Today Julio McManus is now 27, still dancing and living his dream teaching at Norcal Dance Arts in San Jose ever Wednesday from 830-930. His idols include the original Monsters of Hip Hop, Gil Rapcity, Shaun Evaristo, and Bryan Freedman. He considers his style to be more hard hitting and musicality based which is what inspired one of his most recent pieces “Hot Boyz” Although his style is hard hitting, he still likes to style it up and makes sure to add a little bit of everything because he believes “As a Choreographer its not good to just do one style, its great to mix it up while still staying true to your style” He lives by the motto of world peace and credits his friends, family and Norcal for inspiring him.

Hot Boyz – Milo McManus


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