David Slaney II

David Slaney II more commonly known as David Slaney was always in love with dance through his growing years. It was not until he was 14 and after he reached high school that he started formally training after having a run in with a his schools dance team. There he met his teacher who encouraged him to pursue dance seriously and consistently sent him auditions and would motivate Slaney to take more classes out of his comfort zone, which helped him along the way fall in love with the art. Being born and raised in California, Slaney was originally from Moreno Valley, after high school he would constantly drive up to Los Angeles in order to take workshops and train with professionals.

Slaney used to dance and work at Disneyland as a performer and would also train on different teams. Specially, Slaney would train at studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds, Movement Lifestyle, Boogiezone Utopia & Edge performing arts center. In terms of the industry Slaney has worked and danced for Mary J blidge, singer song writer Karmin, Jennifer love Hewitt , and has participated in a Disney channel flash mob aside from other small gigs that he’s worked. As far a community dancing, Slaney was part of Barkada Modern 2011-2012, Boogiezone Breed 2012-2013, Maker Empire and has accompanied friends in numerous projects. Today, Slaney has a recurring slot at 3 different studios in Orange County, Millennium Dance Complex Orange County, Snowglobe Perspective & Focus Dance Center. He teaches a minimum of 13 hours a week but sometimes more when booked to dance at different studios throughout the world, In the Groove Studios being one of them where he taught his “Yiken” piece. Slaney discovered the song the night before teaching and challenged himself to choreograph something that was not like his usual song choices.

Slaney considers his style to be groovy, sexy, strong and very performance based. Like many choreographers Slaney is always trying to play around with everything, even dancing and teaching to numerous dances in heels. Slaney at the age of 25 believes that dance is a lifestyle, and that it has helped him discover parts of himself that he didn’t know was there. Through dance he achieved life long friendships and aside from using it as an outlet, has been able to improve his confidence and ability to converse with people he has just met. David loves dance and believes everyone should try it.

Yiken – David Slaney


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