Nico Isaac O’Connor

Born in Redwood City, and living in San Bruno, San Mateo and Antioch, northern California native Nico O’Connor has had his fair share of the Bay. Being exposed to dance by the likings of MTV and Musicals, Nico O’Connor has become one of Hip Hops renowned Jazz-Funk Instructors in California, and to everyones surprise this Hip Hop legend did not begin dancing in that style. At the Age of 18 he began dancing in ballet folklorico and once he reached high school he was finally introduced to hip hop through a friend who needed a dancer. He was taken under the wing of this friends choreographer and from there began his growth in the hip hop art.

After embarking on his hip hop journey, O’Connor dipped his toes in the community training with teams such as Culture Shock Oakland, Chapkis Dance Family which at the time was called Impact, Pheonix Dance Company and his own company he created Twisted Illusion. After living that life O’Connor left the Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 24 in order to pursue a more serious career. Now at the age of 34 O’Connor has accomplished above and beyond helping big names in the industry. His credits include assisting the Femme Fetale for Britney Spears, dancing in House of Lies starring Kristen Bell, dancing for Pink at the American Music Awards (AMA’s), assisting on America’s Best Dance Crew, and participating in the Toderick Hall Christmas to say the least.

As far as community dancing he was part of Boogiezone Breed (OCLA), Box Cutterz, and the Maker Empire. O’Connor teaches every week in Southern California in studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Edge Dance Center, Debbie Reynolds and at AMDA. His style is very 90’s groove meets Jazz lines and picture shapes. He is a big fan of musicality and dynamics, a lot of his choreography includes energy changes which can be seen in his piece “Slumber Party” by Britney Spears.

O’Connor plans to dance as long as his body allows him to, and believes that dance is controlling your body, the more you know your body the more you feel confident. He sees dance as a therapy and it has helped him improve in reading people.

For more of Nico O’Connor take his class! and follow him on social media: @nico_Oconnor

Dance Reel


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