In class etiquette

Taking a workshop or dance class is something that every dancer has gone through if not multiple times at least once in their life. Dance classes happen every week, there are some studios that have classes with the same instructors every week making it recurring. At random times there will be special workshops with a more well known dancer. Class etiquette is everything, its all about how one acts in class that determines how successful their class will go. One of the biggest pet peeves a lot of dancers have is having that one person in class that does not switch lines when they are asked to. Its more than expected to be hungry when taking class but there is a fine line between wanting to do great in class and being disrespectful by not allowing the person in back of you experience the front of the class.

Showing up on time is also a crucial portion of dance classes because the teacher has allotted a time to teach and it is very frowned upon when people show up late and try to jump into the middle of the class. Paying attentions also in essential portion of having a successful class, no one wants to be that person that ask the same question twice just because they zoned out and missed  an important chunk of the class. Because studios are usually so small it is always fair to give a small apology when you hit or bump into someone. this shows character and lets all the other dancers know that you have acknowledged your mistake. All in all dance classes are truly what you make of them. They can go one of two ways, but if you are paying 15+ for a class, you better make sure you work while maintaining a good image.


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