Class through a teachers perspective

Even if you’re not a professional dancer, every choreographer has gone through teaching a class at least once. It is inevitable that it will happen due to the fact the regardless if you’re getting paid for the class or you are just teaching a piece to your teammates, it is a great form of training. In every choreographers eye, their objective is for the class to successfully learn and execute their piece. The choreographer is just as nervous of the rest of the class, they are just a little better at hiding it. 

The class typically starts with stretching, 15 minutes of stretching and then the choreographer says a little about themselves and about the piece that they are going to teach. Right after that they jump right into it, and begin by teaching about 4 to 5 8 counts. In the teachers eyes, they usually like making the song of the piece a guessing game. Eventually the song is revealed and then the dancing begins, shortly after that the choreographer continues with teaching. Many teachers have mentioned how their biggest pet peeve is when the class doesn’t respond to their yes or no questions, because it makes them feel as if though they are teaching no one.

It is a really stressful time for a teacher because aside from just dancing they have to make sure they are staying on time, and making sure everyone is successfully getting the dance down. When the piece is done the choreographer begins to split the class in groups, and lastly the select group is chosen. Select group are a group of 5-6 students in the class that stood out to the teacher. From the teachers that I have talked to they usually look for people that do their piece differently but still manage to maintain the general movements. Teachers love teaching thats why they do it, and everyone needs to realize when they’re in class they are all taking the same one.


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