Life of a retired dancer

It eventually happens to all of us but no one wants to admit it… the day we all stop dancing. Whether it be because life got in the way, school has become to stressful or even because the love for it has merely slipped, dancers retire all the time. It happens to the best of us but there is no reason why someone should put themselves down for it. Usually a retired dancer is one who was on a team and decided to stop living the life style of 2 am practices. Being a dancer is a lifestyle of its own and not many realize that it takes a lot of time and effort out of an individual in order to be able to keep up. Like many people who have decided to stop dancing on teams, a lot of these retired dancers still make their cameos at class,it might not be frequent but sporadically one will see a retired dancer in the midst of your presence at a random class. Not everyone loses love for it so it can be a mournful period when one realizes dance isn’t in their life anymore.

According to Lauren Joe, a dancer who retired of 2014, she decided to retire because graduating college meant more to her than a 3 am practice. “Don’t get me wrong I loved every aspect of Funkster and Bumz, but theres only so much repletion I can go through before I lose it” She said. Lauren spent her teen years on a youth team called Funksters and right assay jumped into Hungry Bumz in San Jose. Regardless of what the connections one makes during the period of their dance years last a life time. Many retire young, but there are some that keep dancing until their last bone allows it. Dance is life to many people so it is always planned to keep doing it as long as one can.


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