NorCal Vs. SoCal

The divide between NorCal and SoCal is extremely different. All in all dance will generally be the same except with a different feel of styles, but aside from just the styles the energy and feeling of classes is completely different. As mentioned by Milo McManus, he describes NorCal as more comfortable, meaning that it is more of a safe feel. NorCal tends to be at more of a slow pace, everyone that takes class here generally does it to dance, or as an outlet which is why class seems more relaxed up here.

SoCal is a different story, everything down there is very cut throat. Many people have said SoCal is very competitive which makes sense because people down there dance to make a living or are trying to make one so everyone around you is your competition. Walking into class in SoCal has a completely different feeling from a NorCal class. The competition starts at stretching, and does not end until you leave the studio. Class goes at a faster pace and because of the hungry energy around you, one wants to take class because they want to push themselves to be a better them.

Although it might be that SoCal has more hunger, it isn’t to say that NorCal has no drive at all. Nico O’Connor says that NorCal is more based on the “individual” if they want to succeed or not because thats what set the two apart. SoCal is dance fueled so every corner you turn you’ll see your competition, while in NorCal you can spot out who you are competing with due to the smaller community amongst each other.


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