Alfred Remulla


Born and raised in Daly City, California, Alfred Remulla was exposed to dance through the likings of boy bands like N*Sync and Backstreet Boys at the age of 6. Seeing this infatuation with the art of dance, his mom enrolled him in the hip hop program at the Westlake School of Performing Arts (WSPA) where he received training from his first teacher AR. Soon after that Chris Aldegar took over from there and got him accustomed to the style of The Company, which is WSPA’s competing dance team. After training with him for 2 years he recommended he audition for the jr’s. hip hop team at WSPA. After making it, Remula trained with Patrick Cruz for a year and a half before taking a hiatus during his transition into high school.

In 2012 Remulla returned to the dance scene where he competed with The Company’s Junior team Apprentice (APT) for 3 years. During his last year on APT he received one of his first choreographer opportunities where he choreographed for the team for one of their sets. Through Remulla’s persistence he was finally able to make it on The Company after auditioning 4 times, where he currently resides today.

After being trained under The Company for so long, Remulla considers his style of dance as ghetto urban with a dose of cleanliness. He finds inspiration from Shaun Evaristo due to his commitment of feeling and exuding that into the crowd. Aside from Evaristo he also finds a lot of inspiration from Larkin Poynton  due to how Poynton emphasizes freedom and Pat Cruz because of how particular he is which is what has helped him during his time as a teacher.

When he’s not dancing for The Company, you can find Remulla at WSPA where he teaches kids from ages 8-10 the fundamentals of hip hop and also assisting Pat Cruz with Advanced (Adv) which is a practice team that ranges from ages 15-24. You can also find Remulla on the internet where he sporadically realizes concept videos where he choreographs stories that he’s gone through, through dance. Remulla plans to keep dance a part of his life for as long as he can, and he advises up and coming dancers to keep an open mind and not be reluctant to try something new.

For more of Alfred follow him on

Instagram: @alfred.remulla



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