Gina Hong – Bossy

The concept video of the week goes to Gina Hong and the Bad Girls Club (BGC) for choreographing to Bossy by Kelis. The video gives off a very Girl Power vibe consisting of the all female showcase team BGC. Their choice of costume is very street wise which adds to the mood of the video which is a very bad girl who is willing to fight you kind of vibe. Gina utilizes various different levels which gives the video flavor, making choreography from the ground to a chair and even standing up. The dancers really utilize their flexibility by making sure they hit a very deep plie and also jumping straight into the splits.

Gina’s use of repetition also adds a sense of completion to the choreography as a whole because it shows a progression of sass from the first time they run that number. The dim lights also give the video a dark undertone almost reminiscent of a biker gang. The final part of the video also gives a dash of humor which in turn compliments and puts the cherry on top of the video as a whole. Sass, flexibility, sex appeal and anger are all compiled into one in this concept video which is why it is the concept video of the week, due to the female dance community not getting as much publicity as they should due to the work they put out.


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