Jon Mitsui

jon-mitsusuMitsui, like most college dancers began his dance career in high school after one of his physical education requirements was to take a dance class. A little after that he realized he was good at what he did when his coach Juliette King asked him to try out for the schools team. Dance became a regular part of his life, as he would constantly take classes throughout all of SoCal ranging from workshops hosted by many of the colleges teams around the area. In specifics, PAC Modern which is CSU Long Beach’s competitive dance team opened up a summer intensive in which Mitsui participated in. Alongside that he also trained at dance camps at studios like Boogiezone Utopia in his hometown of Torrance, and Focus Dance Center in Irvine.

After moving from SoCal to the Bay Area, Mitsui attended the University of California, Berkeley where he auditioned for Main Stacks Dance Team. Unfortunately he did not make it on his first try but vouched to train and make it on the team the coming semester. Shortly after auditions came, Mitsui made the team and was able to compete on Main Stacks until his final College years. Eventually Mitsui would become the Executive Director of Main Stacks which also ran their own Summer Intensive, Summer Stacks. Mitsui received a majority of his choreographer opportunities through Main Stacks where he would infuse different styles like popping, locking, housing and contemporary. Other of his credits include his all-male project the Sam’s Club. Aside from strictly Main Stacks Mitsui has received the opportunity to teach workshops at studios like In The Groove and at campuses like UC Davis. Through dance Mitsui was able to gain a copious amount of leadership skills which in turn landed him his current job. Today, he is now 23 and is living in San Francisco.



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