Prelude Overview

preludeAs with every year November starts off the competition calendar, and this year Main Stacks had the honor of continuing the tradition of hosting Prelude NorCal. Main Stacks is the premier dance team of UC Berkeley and has been hosting Prelude since 2010, 2 years after their debut performance where they took home third place. The competition took place on November 12, 2016, at the Chabot College Performing Arts Center. All in all there were 23 performances throughout the night, following the tradition of starting with the Pre-Show which showcased some of UC Berkeley’s other dance teams, and ending with Main Stacks as the closer.

With every year comes a theme and this year the Stacks decided on a Lost Boys set following the hashtag #NoworNever. Everything from the flyers to the set was Peter Pan and the lost boys themed, giving that vibe of youth throughout the night. In total 13 teams competed and 7 teams showcased throughout the night. With the competition tight this year, there were ultimately four winners. Groove Against the Machine and CODA tied for third place, Press P.L.A.Y came in second and ACA HipHop from UCLA came back to retake their first place title after losing it last year.

All in all the show proved to be successful, keeping the vibe that it always has since Main Stacks first took the bid to host Prelude. It was an ultimate great way to start the competition season and give a taste of what is to come in the rising months with competitions like Bridge and Vibe coming up.


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