Robyn Nariyoshi

mama-trufuComing all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii, Robyn Nariyoshi began dancing at the age of 5 where she was classically trained in ballet. She made the decision to stop ballet right before she made it to pointe, and from there branched off into jazz which eventually led her to hip hop in 6th grade. Nariyoshi enjoyed the style of hip hop due to the freedom it possessed and the limited constraints it had but living in Hawaii, the dance scene was not so big so she was very limited as to where she could go out and dance because of the lack of studios.

After graduating high school Nariyoshi moved to Stockton, California, where she began studying at the University of the Pacific (UOP). Luckily upon arrival she found a dance team that was active on campus, but decided to quit due to the style of hip hop it possessed. While lounging around her campus she noticed a group of students who were dancing the type of hip hop she was used to, and after exchanging some conversation they all decided to dance together and create a team which started the birth of Rhythm Inc. After being one of the founders of Rhythm Inc. Robyn soon would direct the team for a while but would soon leave shortly after the creation of the Breakthrough Dance Competition due to internships she had in San Francisco.

While on one of her internships, she stumbled across a team of women who called themselves De La Femme which she later joined and would serve on the team for a short while. She left and came back in 2009 only to join the head company Funkanometry. During her time on Funkanometry Nariyoshi thrived off the thrill of performing, so much that in 2013 she was offered the position of Director for their youth team Funksters. Nariyoshi, along side Feliciano Ortiz, directed Funksters until their final season and then went on to create her own team with Feliciano Ortiz called Live SF (LSF).

Eventually life got in the way and Nariyoshi took a hiatus from dance, during this time she graduated from Stanford with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Today Robyn still dances, teaching every Sunday from 4:30-5:30 and City Dance in San Francisco. She plans to dance for 10 more years and still gets a thrill from her style of old hip hop, high energy and grooves.


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