Aggie Loyala – Use Me

This weeks concept video of the week comes from the one and only Aggie Loyola of the Company. Aggie has been a choreographer for The Company for quite some time but did not get the recognition she has now until she released her Girls Like You concept video. Much like Girls Like You her concept video for Use Me by Miguel stems from an emotional place. I chose this video due to the fact that is a video based on performance opposed to the choreography. Without the facial or emotion the choreography does not look the same, it takes that extra mile to add a little of your own feels to this piece in order to make it work. What made this piece so unique was the amount of breathing that was taking place. If you watch closely there are certain parts where the dancers are just standing there and breathing, and these are the strongest parts of the piece due to the emotion it exudes. While watching it, the video makes you feel something which is very hard to do over a computer screen.

Although she might be small, Aggie makes sure to dance extremely big which is why she is able to keep up with her back up dancers who have a few inches on her. Another cool aspect of this video is the lighting which almost makes it look as if the room is tearing up. Costumes were also a plus in this video for the fact that the business casual touch was able to give the dancers that more mature vibe.


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