Throwback Thursday

Do you remember that time when those siblings got stuck in a 1950’s TV Show and couldn’t get out until they realized the injustices that were prevalent at that time? If you don’t you probably have never watched the movie Pleasantville staring Reese Witherspoon and Toby Maguire. The plot is exactly that along with a town of people who are all in black and white.

In 2012 UC Irvine’s own Common Ground Dance team came out with one of there most out of the box sets, basing it of the movie Pleasentville. They used it for both the Ultimate Brawl and Body Rock which is the super bowl of all dance competitions. Luckily the set received a first place title at the Ultimate brawl. As for Body Rock, Common Ground did not place but still was one of the biggest crowd favorites due to their theatrics, They were able to stun the crowd with a variety of pieces. This is what made their dance so memorable, the fact that it was so diverse but yet still had a common factor that bonded all the pieces. The concept of adding color to the set every piece made it seem as if though they really were going through a transition which is why it earned its spot this week.


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