Feliciano Pablo Ortiz

papa-trufuComing from a place like Vallejo, CA, it is really hard to find a space to dance due to the studios being some distance from that area. It takes a dancer with a lot of drive and hunger to thrive as a dancer in a city like this which is what Feliciano Ortiz did. Also known as Pablo, now age 25, got his start in dance at the age of 12 during a school assembly where a choreographer by the name of Greg Chapkis reached out to him and advised him to come back to his studio. After falling in love with hip hop on the spot, Pablo made sure to travel across town just to take class at Greg’s studio everyday, even when he wasn’t taking class he would still be there watching people and growing by observing. Greg eventually started a dance team which Pablo was a part of for 6 years, until he unknowingly auditioned for another team after thinking it was just a workshop. This team was known by the name of Funksters.

During his time with Greg, all his training came from a very technical side, the reason why he decided to join Funksters was because it was something he hadn’t seen before, performance was key. At age 17 Pablo stuck with Funksters, but eventually would leave after the director of the senior company made the decision to make a whole new competing team named The Odds. While on the Odds, Pablo learned a lot about being a teacher and director because it was all led by the team of young adults. Soon after that the Odds would be no more and Pablo found himself back in Funkanometry only this time he was on the senior company. After doing it for about 2 years Pablo left the company as a dancer but remained a director for the youth team Funksters which he was once a part of. Alongside Robyn Nariyoshi, Pablo directed Funksters for 2 seasons and during this time would create his own team by the name of Live SF (LSF).

After directing LSF, Pablo received the opportunity to work for the Raeagency which is a talent and model agency based in SF. Due to how well he was at his job he became the Talent Director and has helped the Agency thrive ever since. He finds joy in being able to train other dancers and give them the opportunity to get on stage and receive payment for it. Today Pablo still performs with his team LSF and any chance he can with the Raeagency, aside from that he also teaches all over San Francisco. On Fridays from 7:30-9:30 you can find him at Studio Mix on Vanesss, Wednesdays at 7:30-8:30 and Saturdays from 12-1  you can find him teaching his Twerk class at the Raeagency studio, and starting January 3rd you will be able to find him on Tuesdays from 9-1030 at the Dog patch Dance & Yoga studio.

Feliciano plans to dance until his body gives out because dance has given him so much and it is his duty to give back. He finds inspiration form Greg Chapkis, Mariel Madrid, and Paris Goebel due to the drive and hunger that they continue to have everyday. His style ranges from everything you can think of but he always makes sure to keep a high energy and strong performance in all that he does. He advises any up and coming dancers or choreographers to continuously do it until it works and in whatever that you do, to do it FULLOUT.

Instagram: @feliciano_live


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