Hip Hop has inspired many art forms throughout the years since its birth in the 20th century. Although the exact origin of where and when it was born is unknown, it has still managed to grow and spread throughout the nations. In specifics Hip Hop inspired a whole new side of dance, a form that was not as traditional and generic as the styles that were around during the start of the nation. Hip Hop dance has taken the world by storm, specifically in California where the dance scene is most prevalent. As not many may know, the hip hop dance scene has its own network and community in which various dancers gather together to form teams and compete in various competitions around the state. Not every dancer has to be on a team, for some freelance and take classes through out their area which are offered at the many studios throughout the state. Some dancers even make a living out of this by becoming teachers and hosting workshops in the many notable studios that appear all over the media. There is a whole other world in the community of dancers, a world that many are unaware or unknowledgeable of and it is the duty of this blog to enlighten the public on what it is all about.