These studios have received high end publicity due to the invention of Youtube, as there are many dance studios in LA with it being the dance capital of California, these are the studios that can be spotted from a mile away. With many of them have double locations, the main ones are noticed due to who they bring to their studio. Millennium is very popular due to choreographers like Tricia Miranda and Wildabeast Adams who have taught here. Snowglobe is the best community dance space because it has all the younger folks who teach everyday. Edge is exactly what the name implies and allows a range of diversity in the lines ups that they have day by day. Movement Lifestyle or ML is hugely known due to its creator Shaun Evaristo, many notable names like Kyle Hanagami and Miguel Zarate have been teachers here. Lastly Debbie Reynolds is widely known because of its location and because of the focus on fundamentals that this studio posses.

Millennium Dance Complex



Movement Lifestyle

Debbie Reynolds