Feliciano Pablo Ortiz

papa-trufuComing from a place like Vallejo, CA, it is really hard to find a space to dance due to the studios being some distance from that area. It takes a dancer with a lot of drive and hunger to thrive as a dancer in a city like this which is what Feliciano Ortiz did. Also known as Pablo, now age 25, got his start in dance at the age of 12 during a school assembly where a choreographer by the name of Greg Chapkis reached out to him and advised Continue reading


Life of a retired dancer

It eventually happens to all of us but no one wants to admit it… the day we all stop dancing. Whether it be because life got in the way, school has become to stressful or even because the love for it has merely slipped, dancers retire all the time. It happens to the best of us but there is no reason why someone should put themselves down for it. Continue reading