Allyson Del Rosario

allySan Jose native Allyson Del Rosario got her start in dance after finding inspiration in her older sister at the age of 5. As she was old enough to enroll in classes she quickly jumped into her sisters shoes and began making a name for herself in the world of dance. The first studio she ever trained at was Sheri’s Born to Dance studio in San Jose where she got her first taste of competitive dance. Eventually the owner of the studio passed down the keys to one of her students being Tawnya Kuzia who renamed the studio Norcal Dance Arts and is the current owner. Through Norcal Dance Arts (NCDA) Ally was able to train day and night joining the Hip Hop Dance collective and later dipping her feet into community dancing by training with Hungry Bumz which was led by Randy Van Le and Kyle Limin. Continue reading


Life of a retired dancer

It eventually happens to all of us but no one wants to admit it… the day we all stop dancing. Whether it be because life got in the way, school has become to stressful or even because the love for it has merely slipped, dancers retire all the time. It happens to the best of us but there is no reason why someone should put themselves down for it. Continue reading