Youth vs. Adult


Not many realize but the divide between the youth division and the adult division is pretty different. Being on a youth team means being mothered till the break of dawn. You are told what to do and what you need work on, it’s a lot like the difference between college and high school. Not many realize but being on a youth team is such a blessing. Many find their first families while being on a youth team. They get their first set of training while making their first set of friends.

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Season Calendar

Unlike the Gregorian calendar, dancers have an agenda of their own. They follow a more scholastic type calendar in which their season begins in the fall. Fall auditions for a dance team are the most cut throat due to the season of dance as a whole coming to a start. Many community teams come from college campuses so it only makes sense to start at the same time school starts. many auditions happen in August and September and some in October for those quarter system schools like many of the Universities of California.

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What is a dancer?

It does not take much to be a dancer, anyone can start at any given time. Some of the most talented dancers in the industry started in their teens, so this stigma of all amazing dancers starting from birth proves to be false. It all depends on the drive of the individual and how they choose to train from the moment they decide to embark on their journey of dance. So the question is, where does one start? The answer is really simple actually, it starts with movement. Any movement in general, whether it be imitating the dances one sees online or merely just creating your own movement, as long as there is music present.

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