Difference between Teams & Projects

What some people do not notice is that being on a dance team can be extremely time consuming, so much so that some people put their lives on pause in order to do so. So why do people do it? Some for the love of dance, others for the family that the team brings but for many its for the mere chance to perform on stage. Because of this avid factor, the beauty of the project was created. A project is nothing more than a temporary dance team, they pretty much do everything a regular year long dance team does just in the short amount of time that they have before their big show. 

Dance Teams are an annual thing that recur every year and more often than not require an audition to be accepted onto the team. As for a project, many are created on an invite basis due to the short amount of time that the project has to create their set, which is all of their dance routines put in one. Projects usually do not compete and are more on the showcase side of events, but there are occasions in which a competition will have a division specifically for projects. Some of the more notable projects include Kings & Queens, the GOOD Project, and the Bad Girls Club. Some projects have their own gimmicks and are made entirely off a theme that the creator has in mind. A great way to differentiate both dance teams and projects is to think of a project as a date. Dance teams are more like a relationship, a long term commitment that takes time and effort. Projects are like a date because they have a for sure ending and although it takes time and effort many just do it for the fun without the strings attached, those strings being late night practices and the monthly fees.


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